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This document lists the general conditions of sale and operation of the ALP1 passenger transport service (service sold by '', by telephone or by email). Any mention of “the company”  refers to ALP1. The term 'customer' refers to anyone making a booking. When the reservation concerns 2 or more people, the said “customer” is thus liable for any other person traveling under this reservation. The “customer” will be the first point of contact for any information or questions regarding the reservation.

  • By booking with ALP1 online or by telephone, the customer accepts these general conditions.

  • Full payment will be requested by ALP1 when booking.

  • Any modification made to a reservation within less than 14 days may incur an administrative charge of €50.


  • Subject to availability, all reservations are confirmed upon receipt of the confirmation / voucher by email from ALP1. This confirmation will be sent within 24 hours of booking.

  • However, if the customer does not receive confirmation within 24 hours, the latter must contact ALP1 as soon as possible.

  • The customer must print his confirmation email and have it with him on the day of the transfer. This document serves as a transport ticket and must be presented to the ALP1 driver on request. This voucher is printable on  the website.

The customer is responsible:

  • to provide correct contact details, including an email address and a mobile phone number. In the event that ALP1 cannot provide its services due to incorrect contact details, the customer will be held responsible and will not have   any compensation.

  • communicate the correct flight information (including flight times, local time). Any complication or supplement resulting from incorrect information provided by the client will not be covered by ALP1. If the customer booking a transfer from Geneva airport communicates to ALP1 the take-off time instead of the landing time in Geneva, ALP1 reserves the right to reschedule the transfer (subject to availability) and to re-invoice the customer. If no vehicle is available to reschedule the transfer, ALP1 will have no liability to the client and the transfer will not be refundable.

  • provide the correct address of the place of destination and departure. It is also the customer's responsibility to have on him the address and contact details of his accommodation in order to be able to direct the driver there if necessary. If the accommodation cannot be found after 15 minutes of searching in the resort, ALP1 reserves the right to drop off the client at the resort's Tourist Office and/or to invoice the client for a supplement.


  • If the customer books a collective transfer, he and his group will travel in one or more vehicles which they can share with other passengers.

  • Collective transfers are only available during the summer and winter seasonal operating periods.

  • Arrival at the airport: The customer will be greeted by a driver  d'ALP1 who will inform him of the approximate time of departure. The customer accepts that a potential wait of one hour maximum may be necessary in order to group a collective transfer according to the general conditions of sale. For arrivals before 08:00 and after 21:00, the waiting time could be longer. More flexibility will be requested from customers arriving late at night and traveling in the last shared transfer in the event of a flight delay for one of the last passengers. In this situation ALP1 will do its best to find an alternative travel solution with its transport partners. This is for shared transfers only, if passengers are uncomfortable with the potential wait we advise them to book a private transfer to ensure a quick departure from the airport.

  • Departure from the station: the customer will receive his transfer time the day before his departure by text message to the mobile phone number provided by the customer when booking. It is up to the customer to call ALP1 on 0033 (0)675953589 to obtain confirmation of the transfer time if he does not receive an SMS before 5.00 p.m. the day before departure. The departure time of the transfer is fixed at least 3 hours before the time of the flight and will be from 3:30 hours to 5:30 hours before the time of the flight in general. The departure time may be brought forward by the company depending on weather conditions, road traffic and schedule changes. If the customer is not at the place of departure, at the confirmed time, the ALP1 driver will wait a maximum of 5 minutes before leaving.

  • When a customer requests a specific departure time, ALP1 will try to satisfy this request according to availability but will decline all responsibility in the event of a delay resulting in additional costs by external services (train, flights, etc.). The driver will ask the customer to sign a waiver before the departure of the transfer. 



  • In the event of a delayed flight, the customer must travel on the next available transfer. The customer may therefore have to wait at the airport, or have to share the vehicle with other customers. If the customer refuses to wait for the next available transfer, he is free to find an alternative solution at his convenience but no refund will be payable by ALP1.

  • In certain circumstances, the next availability may be by private transfer only, or postponed to the next day and would incur additional costs for the client.

  • If the driver has to wait more than 60min, a supplement of €40 per hour will be charged to the customer as compensation for the additional costs incurred by ALP1. If the client informs ALP1 of changes in flight times before the departure of the vehicle for the airport, no additional charge will be invoiced for the wait.

  • If the customer does not show up or contact ALP1 within 60 minutes of the *actual* arrival time, he will be considered “not present”. The driver will then be able to leave the airport and the customer will have to make a new reservation at his own expense.

  • In case of lost luggage at the airport, the customer should contact ALP1 as soon as possible on +33 (0) 675953589. If the loss of luggage causes a significant delay which may affect the departure of other customers or the general management of transfers from the day, the transfer of the passenger concerned may be rescheduled by the company, depending on availability.

  • When a flight is canceled and the customer therefore has to cancel their transfer less than 14 days in advance, no refund will be possible. All documentation necessary for an insurance claim will be provided upon request.

  • For flights arriving in Geneva, any delay of more than 1h30mn will be considered as a cancellation and a new reservation must be made by the customer at his own expense. All documentation necessary for an insurance claim will be provided upon request.


  • It is possible to cancel a reservation up to 14 days before the scheduled date of the transfer, and receive a full refund of the reservation, or credit this transfer for a future reservation.

  • The reimbursement of any reservation canceled within less than 14 days will be made by ALP1, which reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of €50 covering administrative and banking costs.

  • No refund for any reservation canceled within less than 10 days.

  • In the event of cancellation by ALP1 of a reservation already confirmed, a full refund or an alternative transfer solution will be offered to the customer. Reimbursement or compensation will not exceed the initial cost of the reservation made by the customer. ALP1 declines all responsibility in the event of additional costs due to an unfavorable exchange rate.


  • ALP1 strives in all circumstances to ensure that any transfer booked is present at the customer's departure time and that each transfer arrives at its destination on time.

  • ALP1 declines all responsibility in the event of delays or additional costs caused by circumstances beyond the control of ALP1. These circumstances include the examples below, the list is not exhaustive

  • Traffic jam and delay due to road accident

  • Death or accidents on the road

  • Vehicle breakdowns

  • Unforeseen problems caused by other passengers

  • Strikes or demonstrations

  • Any action carried out by a third party and causing damage to the vehicle

  • Extreme weather conditions

  • Intervention of the Police, Customs or any other government agent causing a delay

  • Force majeure (ex: natural disaster, war etc).


  • Two pieces of luggage (1 standard size bag or one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage), plus 1 bag of ski or snowboard equipment, per passenger are permitted. A customer arriving at the airport with excess baggage without informing ALP1 in advance may be charged additional fees to cover the costs incurred or be refused transport of this excess baggage.

  • Baggage transported in ALP1 vehicles is the customer's responsibility. ALP1 declines all responsibility for the loss or theft of equipment.


  • ALP1 reserves the right to subcontract its reservations to other approved passenger transport companies in order to transfer its customers. The general conditions applied by ALP1's partner companies may vary.



  • It is forbidden to eat on board ALP1 vehicles.

  • It is forbidden to consume alcohol on board ALP1 vehicles.

  • ALP1 may refuse carriage to a customer if the customer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if the customer behaves in an aggressive and threatening manner towards other passengers or staff. ALP1. The right to refuse a client can be applied by any member of the ALP1 team, drivers and representatives included.

  • A passenger who, following the consumption of alcohol or drugs, soils an ALP1 vehicle, will have to pay a fine of €150 for cleaning costs. This fine must be paid to the driver at the time of the incident. If this fine is not paid or if the payment is refused, ALP1 will cancel any other reservation made by the customer and will not make any refund. ALP1 reserves the right to interrupt its transfer service for the customer in question if this situation were to arise.

  • Animals, except in the case of guide dogs, are not allowed on board ALP1 vehicles.

  • Customers must not leave any waste in the vehicle.

  • Any damage caused to the interior or exterior of the vehicle will be invoiced to the customer at the time of the incident.


  • ALP1 uses recent vehicles in which each seat is fitted with a seat belt. In all ALP1 vehicles passengers are requested to use these seat belts. Parents or guardians must ensure that passengers under the age of 16 and under their responsibility have their seat belts properly fastened throughout the transfer.

  • According to European standards, children under 12 years old or measuring less than 135cm must use a child seat / booster seat. Child seats are provided free of charge by ALP1. It is up to the customer to inform ALP1 when booking if baby seats / booster seats will be necessary during the transfer. Customers requiring specific equipment are advised to bring their own, or call ALP1 beforehand to discuss an arrangement.

  • Child protection: Children under 16 are not permitted to travel alone. They may travel accompanied by a parent or designated guardian. Adults accompanying minors will be held responsible for their conduct during the transfer.

  • In the event of a sudden increase in fuel prices, ALP1 reserves the right to apply a fuel surcharge to transfers booked by our clients.


  • ALP1 recommends that its customers take out appropriate insurance, covering not only the sporting activities that customers wish to practice during their stay, but also all costs incurred by flight delays or cancellations, or by any other circumstance not depending no ALP1.


  • These periods are defined by the opening dates of the ski lifts of the resorts.

  • Winter season – period defined by the opening dates of the Morzine-Avoriaz ski lifts. From mid-December to end of April.

  • Summer season – period defined by the opening dates of the Morzine-Avoriaz ski lifts. From mid-June to end of August.

  • Inter-season: Periods in spring (May and June) and autumn (September to mid-December) during which the ski lifts do not operate.

  • Exact opening dates are available on request.


  • All information provided by a client to ALP1 during a reservation (including personal details) will remain confidential and will not be communicated to any other company or organization – except in the context of the subcontracting of a transfer.

  • Any disagreement between ALP1 and a customer or a third party that cannot be resolved amicably must be entrusted to an intermediary. In the event of failure of the amicable settlement procedure, the dispute will be submitted to the competent courts.

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